Miro 19" x 23" Rooftop Sleeper Support Base

ECONOMICAL SUPPORT SOLUTIONS   Miro 19" x 23" rooftop sleeper support base. A contractor grade system for non-penetrating rooftop support...
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19" x 23" rooftop sleeper support base. A contractor grade system for non-penetrating rooftop support systems.


  • rooftop sleeper support base kit provides an economical system for you to design and build
  • our base is designed to support your needs, be it, gas, refrigeration, electrical conduit, HVAC duct, solar panel system or any other type of support your project demands
  • 19" x 23" rooftop sleeper support base is a durable non-penetrating support solution
  • base is made of UV resistant polycarbonate
  • designed to evenly distribute weight load for a safe support solution
  • mounting bracket is slotted to allow the base to accommodate up to a 2:12 slope and will accommodate 1 5/8" x 1 5/8" strut

Technical Data

19"x23" Rooftop Sleeper Support Base Specification Sheet

Additional Information

Base Material polycarbonate
All Metal Parts hot-dip galvanized
Size 19" x 23"
Max Pipe Clearance 3 1/2" off roof membrane
Max Load Weight not to exceed 300 lbs
Included Hardware attached volcano base mount, 2- 1/2” hex bolts, 4- 1/2” plain washers, 2- 1/2” Helical lock washers, 2- 1/2” hex nuts
Other Recommendations for rooftop applications: it is recommended to use a traffic pad or other sacrificial material between the base and the finished roof surface
Warranty not available